Today, the #OceanWorldDay is the perfect date to initiate our new and exciting adventure, committed to the sustainability of the oceans through innovation. 

MareiraBizi is a cooperative born in 2021 to support fisher guilds, enterprises, and the administration in their path to sustainable fisheries. Besides, we offer our services to research groups in order to develop research, transfer results to the private sector and disseminate scientific findings. In summary, we contribute to the sustainability of our oceans through: 

  • Scientific and technical support: we advise and carry out high quality research for the conservation of marine ecosystems in marine protected areas. Our focus is on climate change impacts and adaptation, marine social-ecological systems, resilience and ocean sustainability. 
  • Training and scientific dissemination: we create and disseminate knowledge for public awareness about climate change and the ocean.
  • Technological development: we offer state of the art technology to promote sustainable and adaptive management of fisheries.
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