We collaborate with research groups and companies to develop research projects and
cutting-edge technologies that are easily applied to industry and society. We also disseminate
scientific knowledge to the broader society focusing on sustainability, climate change and
marine sciences.

  • Multi-stakeholder surveying and engagement for research or technical project development and knowledge co-production.
  • Research about impacts and adaptation to climate change using the ecosystemic approach to improve social-ecological systems management.
  • Data search, obtention, analysis, modeling and visualization.
  • Scientific and technical advice based on state-of-the art knowledge and technologies.
  • Technical support to develop Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs).
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) analyses and Blue Growth assessments.
  • Assessments for governance advise on exploiting natural resources.
  • Mitigation and adaptation plan elaboration to face climate change for Social Corporate Responsibilities.

  • Training courses related to the marine environment, climate change and sustainability.
  • Training courses on R.
  • Dissemination activities and workshops for sectoral groups and the broader society.
  • Creation of dissemination materials (e.g. children’s books, videos).

  • Planning strategic solutions with technological components.
  • App development to promote digitalization of the fishing sector.
  • App development to promote sustainable and adaptable fisheries.
  •  Modeling and statistics, processing.